The JKO-Kyokushinkai is an official International Karate Organization that promote Kyokushinkai Karate and traditional Japanese full contact Karate. We are starting JKO Kyokushinkai as Oyama Karate kyokushinkai. This is done with intention to succeed, and spread correctly Sosai Oyama Masutatsu's Kyokushin Karate. JKO is working to show KYOKUSHINKAI is a real Japanese Karate by arranging Championship, Seminars and Belt testing system. JKO members have an opportunity to use and teach their knowledge during international educational seminar. JKO is respecting all nations and working to have peace in world.

JKO , a new organization of Japanese Karate

JKO Japan Karate Organization is a registered Kyokushinkai Karate Organization that some knows it as Japanese Traditional Karate,JKO arranging K.O kumite & Point Kumite.

K.O. Kumite , is a traditional kyokushin kumite that allow karate ka to use Kick and punch and exhibited a stand up full contact karate kumite.

Point , Traditional Karate , Kumite with rule of Sho IPPON , in which just Karate needs to have a IPPON or two WAZARI to be winner of KUMITE. In Traditional karate , Low kick, and Hiza Geri is not allowed.

The Purpose of JKO

- To make a unified system of kihon, kata and gradings within national JKO Kyokushinkai organizations ;

- To promote an international basis teaching and practicing Kyokushin karate and Traditional full contact karate.

- To provide an International community for national Kyokushinkai and traditional full contact karate organizations;

- To establish an office for issuing International Dan Grade Certificates for Kyokushinkai and traditional full contact karate organizations

- To establish an office to bring all full contact karate, MMA Karate and Golve contact karate under one umbrella of JKO to teach and providing the ideal and philosophy of Japan Kyokushinkai karate.

- To unify all Karate organizations to practice and teaching of kata and kihon across the various national karate organizations. JKO aim to see all JKO karateka, in any dojo from any country should perform the techniques and JKO katas in the same manner.

Just To make a Kyokushinkai unity join JKO : worldoyama@gmail.com



India JKO Traditional Karate News,

India Kyu awarding seminar is done on 24 august 2016.


JKO Kyokushinkai of Pakistan has been nominated .Mohibullah Khan 3 dan has been nominated as Pakistan JKO Kyokushinkai karate Provisional representative.

--IRAN JKO news,

IRAN JKO Black Belt seminar and dan testing has been done in 2016-05-25 in city of Tehran.

IRAN JKO Kyu awarding seminar is done on 24 august 2016.


JKO of west of bangal of INDIA 's Seminar has been done successfully .

India JKO Kyu Promotion and awarding diploma seminar 24 August 2016
New member of JKO : Pakistan JKO Kyokushinkai , Mohibullah Khan 3 dan

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